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Head office

1201hoe, 101dong, 281, Gimpo hanggang-ro, Gimpo-si, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Repubilc of Korea

Seoul Branch 

411hoe, 220, Gonghang-daero, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Refublic of Korea

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Welcome To Griin

Welcome to the official website of Griin Agriculture Co., Ltd.

We Pursue better farming

Griin Agriculture Co., Ltd

Griin is an agricultural company that develops to solve distribution, environment, labor productivity and implements future agricultural technologies.

Our Self developed Indoor farming Technology Makes vertical farming realistic

Since many Vertical farming companies struggle because of 
low price competitiveness, we wanted to be the first agriculture company
has an actual solution about "Urban farming"
with our unique Nutrient solution, environmental control, self-developed system.
we already offer a better price than product from the soil to customers with better quality

future of agriculture

​We can build Indoor vertical smart farms in any empty space with the lowest initial facility cost.

Amazing productivity

44x more compared to the soil culture!

our vertical farming system maximized the space utility, combines our unique system with New Nutrient solution technology, we make plants absorb essential nutrients easily. control and monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, air circulation, every factor plants need.
including own LED light receipt & ICT software, hardware. we made a total solution for indoor vertical farming by ourselves.

Clean, pesticide-free basil

without environmental variables.

Clean and delicious with  Griin's New Agri-tech.
Basil harvested and shipped on the day!

Pesticides-free basil from first indoor vertical smart farm in our Capital Seoul!

Buy 50g, 100g sweet basil now!

Check out the new Agriculture technology

from Griin Agriculture Co., Ltd. now!

Griin's unique eco-friendly system